Leadership Services

Learning and Development Services

We equip leaders at all levels with the skills and mindsets they need to build inclusive cultures and networks. Our leadership services help participants model a commitment to learning, foster relationships built on trust, prioritize feedback at all levels, and ensure psychological safety for all team members. Participants cultivate valuable connections with peers and colleagues and develop strategic partnerships across organizations, sectors and communities.

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Board development

Our DiverseForce On Boards program trains professionals of color on board governance and facilitates their placement on governing boards. Participants attend group learning sessions that draw on board governance, leadership development, and diversity, equity, and inclusion frameworks. Each learning session includes individual and peer learning opportunities and helps participants gain  a comprehensive set of skills, develop in their personal leadership, and increase their social capital. We customize our services by implementing an individual assessment that allows our team to develop a clear understanding of an individual's unique leadership style. Our instructors are experts in their field and lead dynamic and interactive sessions on the following session topics:

  • Overview of nonprofit boards 
  • Legal roles and responsibilities  
  • Strategic planning and assessment
  • Finance and accounting fundamentals
  • Organizational fundraising
  • 21st century best practices and challenges

Nonprofit leader support

We know that no single leader or organization - no matter how effective or well-resourced - can fully address the scale and complexity of social problems. Given this reality, our nonprofit leader supports create communities of practice that provide nonprofit leaders with opportunities for continuous peer-to-peer learning and resource sharing across organizations. These services include: 

  • Convenings. Convenings elevate promising practices from the group and provide opportunities for leaders to share ideas and discuss how to apply the strategies.
  • Peer Community. Peer communities provide a forum for leaders to delve deeper into topics of interest and learn from their peers.
  • Resources. Our resource toolkit provides concrete strategies and case examples aligned to the key challenges and topics.
Evaluation services
Evaluation services 

Learn more about the programs, workshops, and support we employ for using data to inform learning and action and how we incorporate equity into our evaluation practices.

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