How We Work with Partners

Our services are customized to meet individuals and organizations where they are. We offer a variety of types of supports that can be applied to any of our evaluation, strategy, or leadership services.

Capacity-Building support

We know that our program participants come to us with deep knowledge about their service areas and the contexts in which they do their work. Given this, we design and deliver programs that are responsive and aligned to the unique needs and goals of our participants. Our capacity-building supports a collaborative community of practice by providing opportunities for learners to interact and share experiences, promising practices, and challenges. Our individual trainings and other supports are rooted in our learning design principles, ensuring that each experience is engaging, applicable, and rooted in a commitment to diversity, equity and inclusion.

  • Workshops or Workshop series: Topic-specific workshops for individuals or groups interested in learning more about a particular strategy, evaluation, or leadership topic or series of topics.
  • Cohort-based programs: Cohort-based opportunities for individuals or groups interested in a deeper exploration of strategy, evaluation, or leadership topics over the course of a year.
  • Communities of practice: Forums for leaders focused on strategic topics or a set of shared experiences and challenges. 

Consulting support

We believe our partners are the experts in their work and view each relationship as a true collaboration. At the beginning of a project, we take the time to understand our partners’ unique needs, structure, and culture so that we can tailor our approach accordingly. 

  • Short-term engagements: For organizations who would benefit from support on a time-limited project over several months (for example, theory of change review, evaluation planning, survey design).
  • Complex engagements: For organizations who need more hands-on assistance or are looking for support over multiple months or years (for example, theory of change build, program/policy evaluation).
  • Meeting or retreat facilitation: For organizations who need support with board retreats or planning sessions.