5 Insights for Accelerating Social Change

5 Insights for Accelerating Social Change

A moment of reflection & learning

As we reflect on five years of partnership with 100+ social change organizations, we’re taking a moment to look both backward and forward. We recently sat down with several of our partners to hear their reflections on their work and how they’re thinking about the future of social change. Five common insights emerged.

We learned that accelerating social change requires:

  1. Expanding The Focus: Social change agents are expanding their focus beyond direct service to work towards system change.
  2. Cultivating Connections: Social change agents are cultivating connections to achieve greater impact.
  3. Generating Actionable Insights: Social change agents are generating actionable insights to respond to their communities’ shifting needs and goals.
  4. Centering Community: Social change agents are centering community perspectives in decision-making and planning processes.
  5. Trusting The Process: Social change agents are staying focused on their purposes while trusting the dynamic and sometimes uncertain process of change.

We invite you to learn along with us. Download ImpactED’s 5 Insights Report