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Philadelphia Water Department (PWD)

Philadelphia Water Department (PWD)

A survey of more than 12,000 Philadelphia residents on their perceptions of our city’s water found that 40% of city residents drink bottled water instead of tap water at home. See how the Drink Philly Tap campaign is helping residents to choose drinking tap water over bottled water.

The Pew Fund Evaluation Capacity Building Initiative

The Pew Fund Evaluation Capacity Building Initiative

Through group learning and individualized coaching, this program expands the abilities of Pew Fund nonprofits to monitor progress, use data to inform practices, and evaluate results.

DiverseForce On Boards

DiverseForce On Boards

The program provides leaders of color with the necessary knowledge, skills, and network to catalyze social change by developing professional skills, understanding leadership styles, and helping organizations better align with the communities they serve.

Blog highlights

ImpactED's Commitment to Equity

At ImpactED, we are passionate about working with mission-driven organizations to respond to the needs and goals of the communities they serve. We know we have a responsibility to examine our practices to ensure that decisions affecting communities reflect the perspectives and challenges of the people living in those communities, particularly those who have historically been excluded from the process. 

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Organizational Culture & Staff Engagement: How can we cultivate a positive and inclusive culture?

After the last year and a half, the whole world is tired. Adam Grant recently wrote an article in the NY Times putting a name to what so many of us are feeling - “languishing”. It’s not quite burnout or depression, but somewhere between, where your motivation is dulled and you feel somewhat aimless.

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Strategic Planning & Prioritization: How can we engage in long-range planning in the face of great uncertainty?

Over the last year, public and social sector leaders took courageous steps in the face of uncertainty and crisis. They responded to a growing need among the communities they serve and diminishing resources to meet that need.

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