ImpactED Services

Our services increase organizations’ effectiveness by equipping leaders with the knowledge, skills, and tools

Our services increase organizations’ effectiveness by equipping leaders with the knowledge, skills, and tools they need to achieve greater impact in the social and public sectors. We specialize in the following services, which can be customized to meet your organization’s unique needs:

Research and evaluation services

Our unique approach to research and evaluation focuses not only on data collection and analysis but also on developing a customized evaluation strategy and plan for using data to inform learning and action. We believe that centering equity ensures the research and evaluation process is responsive to community needs and goals, produces accurate results, and leads to actionable recommendations.

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Learning and development services

Through the University, ImpactED has access to extensive infrastructure for program development and facilitation of adult learning. We believe that learning should be responsive, practical, and collaborative, and our trainings are customized to meet the needs of our participants. Programs are grounded in key principles of instructional design and adult learning, create a community of learners, and provide leaders with strategies and accountability for institutionalizing diversity, equity, and inclusion policies and practices.

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Project highlights

Meetup Member Survey

Research and evaluation project: Meetup Member Survey

To better identify the unique impacts of the Meetup member experience, ImpactED developed survey questions for members and organizers around event attendance and motivations for joining. See the data gathered and how it’s being used to increase positive connections.

Barra Foundation

Learning and development project: Barra Foundation Nonprofit Leaders’ Circle

In response to the shifting needs of the nonprofit community amidst COVID-19 recovery efforts, ImpactED launched the Barra Foundation Nonprofit Leaders’ Circle, allowing grantee organizations to respond to the short- and long-term challenges of their communities and stakeholders.