Top 5 Inspiring Quotes from Local & National Leaders

Top 5 Inspiring Quotes from Local & National Leaders

Over the past two months, we’ve shared our weekly ‘Top 5’ series which highlights ideas and insights for organizations and community members navigating the effects of Covid-19 in our City. We will be transitioning this into a monthly series starting with our ‘Top 5 Quotes from Local and National Leaders’, which continue to inspire us in this time of crisis and uncertainty.

  1. “We nonprofits, in the business of creating small miracles every day, were made for this moment of crisis” – Matt Bergheiser. Matt Bergheiser serves as President of University City District (UCD). Click here to read more about how he thinks nonprofits will chart the future.

    University City District
  2. “There has been a level of listening, coordination and urgency in this period that I hope will be sustained as we look to recover from the long-term effects of this crisis”  – Sabrina Vourvoulias. Sabrina Vourvoulias is the editor of Generocity. In this article, she details the inspiring COVID-19 response by foundations and funds in the Greater Philadelphia area.

  3. “One of the ways we can cope with the uncertainty is: when you can’t imagine the future, you can actually rewind and think more about the past. You can recognize hardships that you’ve faced before. You can learn something from the lessons of your own resilience and then try to figure out “what did I do effectively before that might work for me today?” – Adam Grant. Adam Grant is a professor at the Wharton School. In this interview, he talks about the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on the world of work.

  4. “[We recognize] the enormity of the responsibility that sits on the shoulders of nonprofits and their boards in this moment. This is true for nonprofits providing direct services to vulnerable populations, but also for organizations that may be working on issues less directly connected to serving vulnerable populations, but are nonetheless attached to these communities through our broader societal ecosystem.’ – Jim Taylor. Jim Taylor serves as Vice President of leadership initiatives and education at BoardSouce. Click here to read more about what organizational commitment to equity looks like in this moment.

  5. The coronavirus has set us back physically, spiritually, and economically, but that does not mean we should give up. We have spaces that need to be transformed and people who need to be supported” – Jane Golden. Jane Golden has been the driving force of Mural Arts Philadelphia since its inception in 1984. Click here to read about Golden’s vision for how art can be a part of the recovery effort.

    Mural Arts Philadelphia

Thank you to everyone who has engaged with our Top 5 weekly posts over the last two months! Moving forward, we’ll be moving to a Monthly Top 5 featuring helpful case studies, resources, and insights. Be on the lookout for our new series highlighting helpful resources for nonprofit and public sector evaluation and learning efforts during Covid-19.

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